Natural Barbados

May 3, 2020
Lorraine McCowan
Natural Barbados

Explore Barbados’ natural offerings & truly immerse in the healing powers of the islands paradise vibe!

With a diverse landscape from hidden caves, to lush forests & rolling sugar cane fields, to winding valleys, rugged coastlines, gardens & gullies, glittering beaches & peaceful bays!

The enchanting Green Monkey, the hawksbill turtle, exotic birds & the magical marine life Barbados truly offers an abundance of natural beauty and unique culture!

Here are just a few tips so that you can enjoy exploring somewhere new & exiting!:-



Located in St. Joseph - around a 30 minute drive from WEST ROCK VILLAS
PEG (People - Environment - Growth)
Co-create with nature on a biodynamic farm
Located in the most beautiful landscape of Barbados
Find inspiration, healing & connection to the spirit of the land
Farm Shop
Garden to table Cafe
Tours & Nature Reserve


A glittering jewel in the heart of Barbados!
Located in St. Thomas - around a 20 minute drive from WEST ROCK VILLAS
Easy paved walk through beautiful tropical forest
An amazing eco-system in a collapsed cave!
Home to wild monkeys, majestic rainforest trees and delicate natural plants!
Oh! also home of the Grapefruit!
Follow in the footsteps of TV Chef, Ainsley Harriott!
See Barbados as it appeared to the first settlers!
Spectacular view of the East coast!


The most enchanting place on earth!
Located in St. Joseph - around a 30 minute drive from WEST ROCK VILLAS
Vibrant colours, rare exotic plants!
Easy to walk path, cosy hidden seating areas!


A Nature lovers dream!
Located 850ft above sea level in St. Joseph - around a 30 minute drive from WEST ROCK VILLAS
True to sustainability - its about conservation!
Tropical beauty of the gardens & gullies!
Exotic plants, spectacular views!
Meandering peaceful trails!


A natural sea cave under the magnificent cliff tops in the north of the island
Located in St.Lucy - around a 25 minute drive from WEST ROCK VILLAS
Huge natural ‘windows’ out into the ocean & deep rock pools in which you can swim!
Best views ever!
Lunch time restaurant sits right on the edge of the cliff!
Best place to spot a Humpback whale from end of February through to April!


Explore one of Barbados’ greatest wonders!
Located in St. Thomas - around a 15 minute drive from WEST ROCK VILLAS
Be amazed by the beauty of nature!
Deep beneath the earth - an underground cave adventure!
With bubbling streams, thundering waterfalls, tumbling cascades & deep pools!


Located at bottom of Porters Road in St. James - about a 5 minute drive from WEST ROCK VILLAS
Snorkel around a reef just offshore, home to an array of sea life!
The museum features an aquarium with many interesting & rare marine species!


Occupies 4 acres of Mahogany forest!
Located in St. Peter  - around a 17 minute drive from WEST ROCK VILLAS
Stroll through a natural habitat for many animals including the Green Monkey!
Tortoises, deer, iguanas, parrots & more!
Most animals roam freely through the reserve!
Good time to see animals is 2 pm (feeding time)!


Forest Bathing!
Walking shoes a must!
Enjoy a serene wonderfully cool forest hike & help heal yourself!
Located in St. Joseph - around a 22 minute drive from WEST ROCK VILLAS
Spend some time in this magnificent 53 acre forest overlooking the East Coast!
Green Therapy Philosophy of walking through the forest breathing in the oxygenated Trade Winds from the Atlantic Ocean!
Learn about tropical flora & ‘bush medicine’
Bamboo groves, royal palms & tree ferns!
Growing coconuts, bananas, coffee, cocoa & pineapples!
Numerous tropical fruit trees, herbs & spices!


Barbados is home to lots of sea turtles including the Hawksbill Turtle & the Leatherback Turtle, the most popular is the Green Turtle.
The good news is that you don’t need to book a catamaran cruise to go swimming with turtles!
They are located off many beaches along the West Coast!
One of the best spots is Alleyne’s Bay Beach - around a 5 minute drive from WEST ROCK VILLAS
OR 10/15 minute walk down from WEST ROCK VILLAS
Best time is early morning before all the boats start to arrive - be sure to have a bright coloured flag or ‘floaty marker’ if snorkelling, to let others know where you are, especially boats & jet skis!!


Barbados has some amazing beaches with lots of natural elements, but there are some more unspoilt and quieter than others:-


Where the wild Atlantic Sea meets Barbados!
Located on the East Coast - around a 30 minute drive from WEST ROCK VILLAS
Swimming not recommended due to strong undercurrents!
Dramatic, fierce & breathtaking!
A slice of heaven & ‘another worldly’ experience!
Great for beach walking, meditating, or just taking it all in!


A unique & hidden little beach ‘off the beaten track’
Located on the South East Coast in St. Philip around a 50 minute drive from WEST ROCK VILLAS    
Despite the name, locals insist there are no sharks!!
Visit early morning to spend time alone!
Soft pink sand with crystal clear water, the tiny bay is enclosed by rocks which form a perfect secluded cove, protected by a small reef!
Best visited at low tide, a great place to cool off,
Swimming not recommended - beware of the ‘rip’ at high tide!
Care taken with small children & those unsteady on feet!


Best for Castaways!
Located in St. Lucy - around a 25 minute drive from WEST ROCK VILLAS
Tucked away on the rugged North West Coast between dramatic cliffs!
No Lifeguard - No Facilities - No Signpost! - Just Views!
Maybe a few local monkeys playing in the trees!
A serene romantic getaway!
Definitely no swimming - due to strong undercurrents!

Lorraine McCowan
Written by:
Lorraine McCowan
It is our absolute pleasure to introduce ourselves as Paul & Lorraine from the UK, & to welcome you to West Rock Villas. We have been visiting Barbados for many years with our children & now grandchildren. So along with our love for this beautiful island, our travel experience in the aviation industry & property development knowledge, we have created this ‘Special Place to Be’! We wanted to provide something a little different, but with the essence of a traditional Barbadian ‘Chattel’ house & contemporary stylish interiors.