Eco friendly Barbados

January 11, 2022
Lorraine McCowan
Eco friendly Barbados

Barbados really is an eco friendly island with a natural beauty, unique culture and an abundance of beaches & wildlife.

Of course no holiday can be completely impact free, but there are many small ways to lesson your footprint.  If you want to enjoy an Eco Holiday in Barbados, here are some great tips:-


Obviously for a Long Haul destination taking a plane may be your best option, but try taking a direct fight when you can - the biggest emissions for flights are on take-off & landing!
Some airlines also offer offset options when you book your flights online for projects you can donate towards.

Don’t forget to pack smart and bring refillable containers for shampoo/lotions & other toiletries.
Bring a re-usable bag that you can use during the fight, shopping during your stay & also for the beach!
Remember to bring your own re-fillable water bottle.
Over 85% of Barbados is made up of coral & limestone & the water is filtered naturally through this, meaning the water is of a very high quality & safe to drink!


Support small business’s, by giving a little love to small companies, rather than the big chains!

WEST ROCK VILLAS - offer something a little different - in addition to being a small family owned concern, our six cosy villas are built in the traditional style of a Barbadian ‘Chattel’ house in an amazing private location, away from sun seeking crowds.
Where you can admire the surrounding countryside and the  gorgeous views of the ocean beyond.  
Surrounded by nature, they offer privacy and private outdoor covered porches.  For a holiday of relaxation, tranquility, stunning sunsets & starry night skies.


Once at your destination, make fuel efficient choices.  Opt for public transport, or just walk from place to place where you can.  It is possible to get to virtually any place on the Island by public bus or taxi.  Barbados is a small island (21 miles long & 14 miles wide), so nowhere takes too long to get to.

WEST ROCK VILLAS - are situated on an elevated & private spot surrounded by countryside with long distance ocean views.
We are away from main thoroughfare noisy traffic & emissions, but a car is recommended to reach supermarkets, restaurants & other amenities.
However, we are around a 10/15 minute walk from one of the best beaches on the West Coast - Alleyne’s Bay Beach!
There is a wooded path leading downhill from the villas, through ‘Reids Gap’, then on to the main coast road.  Here you will find bus stops to go either North - to ‘Speightstown’ - or South - to ‘Holetown’, so if you do prefer you can walk & perhaps catch tho odd taxi back (especially after a day at the beach & a Rum Punch!!


Pop in to smaller restaurants, where you will find dishes created with fresh, locally sourced ingredients & kind spirited chefs eager to create a homely experience for you.

Visit the local Farmers markets, or purchase locally sourced produce available in the supermarket.
Pack your own lunch before heading out for the day.

Here at WEST ROCK VILLAS we have fully stocked kitchens for you to cook & prepare your own food & we provide a re-usable cool bag along with washable plastic containers in each villa.


Whilst out for the day, and especially if you visit a beach, respect the local environment,  leave no trace & pick up your rubbish.

Don’t forget your re-fillable water bottle whilst out & about!  

Whilst choosing a suncream to protect your skin at the beach, think about protecting the coral reefs & marine life by opting for a suncream that is ‘Reef Friendly’ when exploring the water.
This can be purchased from the local supermarket such as ‘Massy’s’ and ‘Cave Shepherd’.

Visit Eco-Tourism Sites during your stay, keep close to nature above & below Sea Level.

For Eco shopping, information & education
The first of its kind sustainable living one stop eco shop in the Caribbean, where you can purchase products from small local brands
Open Thursday - Saturday 10am-3pm
Located @ Millhouse & Home in Canewood St. Thomas - around a 17 minute drive from WEST ROCK VILLAS


Limit your energy use, conserve water, & re-cycle!

Here at WEST ROCK VILLAS - we have taken consideration wherever possible to fit appliances in our spaces that are energy efficient.

During your stay we also ask that you limit your energy use by:-

Switching off all lights when leaving the villa
Switching off the T.V - when not in use
Switching off all Ceiling Fans when not in the room & especially when not in the villa!
Switching off all Air-Conditioning units when not in the room & especially when not in the villa!

We also ask the you limit your amount of waste & re-cycling bins are provided.

Lorraine McCowan
Written by:
Lorraine McCowan
It is our absolute pleasure to introduce ourselves as Paul & Lorraine from the UK, & to welcome you to West Rock Villas. We have been visiting Barbados for many years with our children & now grandchildren. So along with our love for this beautiful island, our travel experience in the aviation industry & property development knowledge, we have created this ‘Special Place to Be’! We wanted to provide something a little different, but with the essence of a traditional Barbadian ‘Chattel’ house & contemporary stylish interiors.