Barbados on a budget

June 16, 2023
Lorraine McCowan
Barbados on a budget

Barbados is considered as a luxury island visited by the Rich & Famous, but you can expect beauty & charm on a budget.

Follow these tips & tricks to spend smart & save money!

Before you go:-

Barbados has daily direct flights from major cities in the UK, USA, CANADA & EUROPE.

Plan ahead & book your flight tickets well in advance.  There are budget websites to find the cheapest flights such as & for trips to Barbados OR seat sales on airlines that fly direct to Barbados such as Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, Air Canada, American Airlines & many more.

Travelling during the ‘Low Season (May - November in Barbados) means that flights & accommodation are much cheaper.
Thankfully Barbados sits just outside of the Hurricane Belt, so even though ‘Low Season’ sees slightly more wind & rain the temperatures are still good & there is definitely less risk of bad weather than the other Caribbean islands.

Choosing accommodations:-

Go self catering - by choosing self catering with you own kitchen facilities means you don’t have to eat out & pay a premium for food.

West Rock Villas are set back from the pricier accommodations along the coast, yet located in a desirable area with just a 10/15 minute walk down to the nearest beach & spectacular long distance views of the ocean beyond.  We are also situated in an excellent area for exploring the rest of the island by bus, car or taxi!

We also friends with the ‘Singita Wellness Gym & Spa’ located close by near Mullins beach, where our guests can receive 10% discount.

Shop at ‘Jordan’s’ Supermarkets

The majority of produce in Barbados is imported from the US and even the UK.  If you do decide to go self catering, grabbing groceries at one of the ‘Jordans’ supermarket chain dotted around the island is a good tip & it’s where the Bajan’s shop!

Bring food from home:-

It may sound a bit extreme, but you could pack a few non-perishable items such as porridge, crackers, cheese, dried fruit, biscuits, nuts & protein bars.  Especially children’s favourite snacks!

Drink ‘Mount Gay’ Rum:-

Make a great Rum Punch!  It is distilled on the island & the best budget alcohol option in Barbados.  You can buy by a bottle from local rum shacks, or just visit a rum shack, sit with the locals and watch them play dominoes whilst the sun goes down!

Eat where the Bajan’s eat:-

Dine @ local eateries.  The ‘Fishermans Pub’ in Speightstown is a ‘no frills’ place with a friendly atmosphere.  If you have children there are also the local ‘Chefette’ restaurants & drive throughs dotted around the island.

Go to the Beach:-

Barbados beaches are free!  You have access to them all!  even the most exclusive like the beach at ‘Sandy Lane’!

Take your own Beach Towels:-

Most beaches you can rent Loungers & umbrellas, but if not, use your towel & feel the sand between your toes!

Pack your snorkel:-

Snorkelling is awesome in Barbados and usually free!
Barbados is famous for its sea turtles.  ‘Folkestone Marine Park’ is 5 minutes drive away from West  Rock Villas.  Don’t forget your ‘Surface Marker Buoy’ when snorkelling (which you can also bring from home) due to the danger of the jet ski traffic!

Get on a ‘Reggae Reggae’ Bus:-

These are the bright yellow buses which you see speeding around Barbados. They are very cheap & you can get pretty much anywhere on the island, all day everyday!  As well as creating a memorable moment, you will save money on car hire.  Its a  fun way to experience good music, fast rides & observe the Bajan way of life!

Take a Picnic:-

Visit ‘Welchmans Hall Gully’ with its exotic walkways & secluded seating, sometimes the odd monkey or two!
OR ‘Huntes Botanical Gardens’ with amazing plant & flower species, classical music & complimentary Rum Punch!!

Visit the ‘Animal Flower Cave’:-

This is fun & affordable.  Situated @ Northpoint on the island, it’s a natural cave made of hard coral with a hidden pool of water (where you can take a dip) & spectacular ocean views (sometimes you can spot a whale or two!).   Its also where Naomi Campbell danced in the video (yes video!) for Billy Ocean’s ‘Caribbean Queen’ (back in the days!).  Its also a great place for that ‘Romantic Proposal’.

Beware of Service Charges:-

Most restaurants add on a 10% Service Charge to the bill without telling you.  Be aware of this & ask the restaurant before committing to dine.

Try a Street-side Roti:-

Pick up a yummy ‘Roti’ from one of the many roadside ‘lunch vans’ dotted along the roads & on beaches.  Don’t leave Barbados without trying one!

A Great Day Out:-

Race day at the ‘Garrison Savannah Racecourse’ just outside ‘Bridgetown’ has a distinct Bajan feel.  Surrounded by attractive colonial military architecture, it comes alive on a Saturday with food stalls & deckchairs lining the railings between the redundant cannons.  You can bag a seat opposite the finishing post for a mere BDS$10 (US$5)!

Lorraine McCowan
Written by:
Lorraine McCowan
It is our absolute pleasure to introduce ourselves as Paul & Lorraine from the UK, & to welcome you to West Rock Villas. We have been visiting Barbados for many years with our children & now grandchildren. So along with our love for this beautiful island, our travel experience in the aviation industry & property development knowledge, we have created this ‘Special Place to Be’! We wanted to provide something a little different, but with the essence of a traditional Barbadian ‘Chattel’ house & contemporary stylish interiors.